Jumat, 17 Juni 2016

How to hide the logo on a particular page with CSS

Logo is a necessary condition that must have in a website, but there are bloggers want to remove the logo on a particular page in because a lot of things. Here is how to hide the logo on a particular page with CSS.

The first that should be done is to find a page ID, how to find the page ID is the leading backend of a website.

Create a new page, when you are in the edit menu page, look at the URL in your browser, where you will find the URL with information such as page ID:


After finding that you are looking for, please advance copy of his ID (numbers only)
Then input into the CSS code below:
Replace xxxxx with ID page you found earlier.

Then, follow this easy steps :

1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard
2. Choose your website
3. Go to the menu Template
4. At the option Live on Blog, click Edit HTML. Then you will see rows of xml code, click on the field (ie the code column).
5. Press Ctrl + F, and then type ]]></b:skin>
6. If successful, you can add your css code above the code]]> </ b: skin>
7. Save.

It will look like this :
Thus the way to hide the logo on a particular page with CSS

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